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Dr. Steingart is a board certified orthopedic surgeon.  His practice incorporates all aspects of medicine, while treating patients.  His approach to the patient stems from identifying the pain generator.  Once the pain generator is found treatment follows.  Dr. Steingart performs surgery,  but believes that surgery is only one of the many options a patient has.  In addition Dr. Steingart is an Osteopathic physician trained with its principles; the body is a whole unit. Dr. Steingart works very hard on behalf of his patients.

His sincere and caring approach extends to education.  This means educating his patients, medical students and also a continuing learning for himself.  In addition, he is a nationally known lecturer, presentor and preceptor to clinical education for medical students.

Dr. Steingart performs laser spine surgery since 1999. He also uses laser  on other parts of the body, such as, knee, shoulder, wrist, hip and elbow.  He has developed techniques to treat various problems and reduce surgical morbidity.

Dr. Steingart’s creative talents extend into the literary and musical areas. He has played with various jazz and klezmer bands. He believes that the same creative and passionate energy that go into music also extend to medical care.

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He authored a book for helping medical students and patients titled, “How to Survive Your Clinical Rotations.”  It is an informative book on the inner workings of becoming a doctor.  His articles have been published in many national medical journals, like the American Journal of Orthopedics, the Journal of American Osteopathic Association and the Foot and Ankle International Journal.  Dr. Steingart is always seeking new ways to improve on orthopedics and surgery.  In his many articles he shares some of his innovative findings.

Among Dr. Steingart’s innovations, he developed and patented a shoulder pillow immobilizer which helps many patients with shoulder problems.  This “Padden Pillow”, helps reduce shoulder pain and allows the injury to heal.  Another product that Dr. Steingart invented and patented is a carrying pouch that attaches to crutches.  He noticed that patients were inconvenienced and had trouble even reaching their keys while on crutches.  The “Crutch Pack” makes life easier while recovering from an injury.

Dr. Steingart cares and understands the fact that patients have a choice on where they are medically treated.  He and his staff try hard to make your experience a positive one.

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